The Doolittle Fine Leather Snap Closure Wallet BiFold

Named in honor of the daring commander of the Doolittle raid. 

Morale was running low in the United States after the attack on Pearl Harbor during WWII. To help reestablish American dominance, LTC James Doolittle was given the daring task of conducting a bombing raid on the Japanese homeland.  With 16 modified B-25 bombers and no fighter support, the Doolittle raiders flew 2,250 miles dropping their bombs on target before crash landing in China and the Soviet Union. 

The physical damage inflicted by the bombing was quickly repaired. However the psychological effects were critical to turning the tide of the war by lifting American spirits and showing that the Japanese homeland was not invincible. 

The Doolittle wallet is our way of commemorating this brilliant leader. While you might not be flying long distance missions, this wallet provides the perfect amount of space for your cards and cash without weighing you down.

Fun Fact: LTC Doolittle thought he would be courtmartialed upon his return to the United States since he had lost all his aircraft. Instead he was promoted two ranks to Brigadier General and awarded the Medal of Honor.
  • Material: Full Grain American Leather
  • Dimensions: Folded it measures 3 in. x 4.25 in.
  • Has two pockets for business cards or cash
  • Can hold up to 8-10 cards
  • Handcrafted in Huntsville, Alabama USA

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